International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day!

Gather around, pet lovers. Today is a day for you to celebrate with your beloved pooch! Dog biscuits are key for any pet owner. Whether you use them for obedience skills or to teach fun tricks, dog treats are essential. I mean what’s a better bribery tool to use than a dog biscuit? Did your dog run out of the house and won’t listen to you when you tell him/her to “GET BACK IN THE HOUSE“? Whip out that milk bone and your dog will be sure to listen. Does your dog have HORRIBLE breath that you cannot seem to get rid of no matter how many times you awkwardly try to brush his/her teeth? Give your pet a Greenie, which is known for its help with improving bad breath.

So, to celebrate this momentous occassion, do something fun for your pet today. Take your best friend to Bruster’s! Bruster’s is an ice cream shop that gives a free scoop of ice cream topped with a dog biscuit to any pet that comes by. Teach your pet to sit, stay, heal, roll over or whatever else you choose. If you’re really lucky, you might end up with a dog that can do this:


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