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Fanny Pack Day!

Ever had this happen to you?

“OMG look at that girl!  What is she wearing?  Is that a…no…it can’t be.  Holy crap it is…it’s a fanny pack!  What is she thinking??”

If you’ve said these words, or, dare I say it, had this said about you, then you are in luck, my friend.  Wondering how you could possibly be in luck??  Well, today is perhaps one of the best days of the year for you.  It is Fanny Pack Day!

Ohhh people, get excited! Don’t be ashamed to admit your fanny pack past.  Embrace that fashion faux paus that we all secretly love.  I mean, come on, how can you not love the easy accessibility of a bag fashioned around your waist?  Obviously, many people today don’t have enough time to remove a bag from their shoulder, place it on a table, look inside and remove what they need, thus making fanny packs essential for said people.

The fanny pack was traditionally created to be worn facing the rear, hence the name “fanny pack.”  However, our society clearly considered that to be too dorky, so we turned that fanny pack around and started wearing it in the front to let others know how proud we are to wear it.  Having pride in one’s fanny pack is essential.

Fanny packs were considered trendy in the late 80s, making them a staple to wear to any 80s themed party.  For some strange reason, however, the fanny packs lost their pizzazz and became “unfashionable.”

You might be surprised to know that fanny packs could be making a comeback.  Ever noticed that some celebrities can be seen sporting their own fanny packs around the town?

Donna Karan, an extremely fashion forward individual, was pictured wearing her fanny pack to some fancy shmancy party.  The Hulk, himself, is also a self proclaimed fanny pack fan.  And, is it just me or do the hand warmers that football players wear strangely resemble fanny packs?

Hulk in Home Depot wearing his manly fanny pack

Hulk in Home Depot wearing his manly fanny pack

Donna showing her fanny pack pride

Donna showing her fanny pack pride

Whatever your feelings are regarding fanny packs, today is a day to celebrate the, at one point, beloved fashionable bag.